Site Overhaul

Posted by Chris Ghormley on Nov. 25, 2014 in Upgrades

Recently we released a huge upgrade to our websites. On the front end, we upgraded to jQuery and Bootstrap, which make it much easier to give you a pleasing interface that matches much of what you expect in modern websites. We tacked on FontAwesome, which has proved handy in unexpected ways.

Since we display a lot of data in tables, we added jQuery DataTables, which is the best table enhancement I have ever seen. This is a massive improvement to usability: you get built-in filtering, speedy sorts and pagination. It's a dream to use. For our new chart engine we chose Dygraphs, another happy addition that we think is a big step forward for visualization.

For some time now we have offered a custom template feature that lets our partners develop their own pages to supplement our default set. While we are still offering this and hoping to enhance this offering, there are new widget visualizations that can be assigned to any variable tag. These are displayed on our built-in Tags & Alarms page, which means you can get a customized look for a few important points without investing the time to build a whole template.

Along with these big changes there are numerous other enhancements to the interface which we hope you will appreciate. Menus are better organized, with icons to help you find what you need faster. Controls are in the form of buttons. Device status is color-coded to help important items stand out. Considerable effort has gone into mobile usability. Please let us know how it is working for you!

Finally, we are now displaying time in the selected time zone. Please visit your account settings page to set that up.

In this version we are migrating to new backend software as well. We are now using the nginx web server with Django 1.7 running on uwsgi. These are all exciting upgrades which help us scale up to more online devices and more concurrent users than ever before.